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How do I sign up for Paymaster Rate Guide Updates?

If you have purchased the current Paymaster book directly from EP, you will automatically receive update notifications.

However, if you have purchased through a reseller or your email has changed and would like to receive update notifications, you will need to complete our Contact Form.

Once on the Contact Form page:
– Nature of Inquiry: Scroll to Support
– Product or Service: Scroll to Paymaster Updates.

To go the Page, click here.

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I just downloaded the PDF edition of The Paymaster, but I don’t see it. How do I find the PDF?

The trick is to make sure you are checking within the browser you used to download the file.

– Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have “downloads” sections.

– On a Windows machine, they all have the same shortcut – Ctrl+J to get to the downloads.

– On a Mac, you can find the PDF with Command+J or Alt+J for Chrome or Firefox; in Safari it is under the “view” menu.

If the download is not listed, then one of two things happened.

– It was removed from the downloads list or;

– It may have opened the link in another browser (possibly inadvertently). For instance, if you commonly use Chrome, but use Outlook for your email, Outlook may have opened the link in another browser.

Please be mindful that most in-browser PDF viewings don’t have notes available, so you would have to download and install Acrobat Reader for full functionality.

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