The Affordable Care Act, with all its complexities, can be overwhelming. To be in compliance with the ACA, while serving the needs of a contingent workforce, you must have a custom entertainment-industry solution. You need “EP Cares” insurance. We know you’re busy—so let us take care of enrollment, administration, and management of a plan tailored specifically for production. On top of that, EP supports all ACA Government Reporting, and our ACA Data Tool is equipped to collect, track and report all necessary workforce data, so you can stay in compliance with all the nuances of the regulations to avoid the risk of severe financial penalties, while staying focused on the success of your production.

Production Company

Employers with 50 or more full-time employees and equivalents must either offer health insurance to their full-time employees and dependents, or pay a penalty tax if any such full-time employee purchases subsidized coverage on a government-run health exchange (Employer Mandate). EP offers an extensive ACA Production Company Support Program that will meet all of your needs.


Crew & Talent

All U.S. residents, subject to certain exceptions, must secure the minimum essential health coverage for themselves and their dependents or pay an annualized penalty tax for each month of non-compliance (Individual Mandate). EP offers crew & talent members an ACA Support Program that will make sure they are taking the right steps toward getting coverage.



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